Frequent Asked Questions

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Question How are the Koersplaat Cycling Posters made?
AnswerA Koersplaat combines your ride and our design. A Koersplaat consists of your GPX-file, the distance, the altimeters, the elevation profile and the titles. The Koersplaat Cycling Posters are designed in Amsterdam, are printed on 200 grams FSC-certified paper and are available in different formats.
Question Which elements of my Koersplaat Cycling Poster can be personalized?
AnswerA custom Koersplaat is a reminder of a special ride. You can therefore adjust several elements.

  • Background: choose different colours or upload your own photo.
  • Ride data: add different data like speed, time, the date or your name.
  • Text: choose the titles you want appear on your Koersplaat.

Question I have finished a multi-day ride. Is that suitable for a Koersplaat?
AnswerCool! Experience shows that these are often great looking Koersplaat Cycling Posters. You can upload multiple GPX-files when ordering a Koersplaat.
Question Are the Koersplaat Cycling Posters delivered with a frame?
AnswerOf course, you want your Koersplaat to look great on your wall. On our webshop you can order a frame for the 30×40 format. Aluminium in two colours: black and silver. 

You can also frame it yourself. Our Koersplaat Cycling Posters are delivered in common sizes, so frames should be easily available.

Question Do I get a discount if I order more than one of the same Koersplaat Cycling Poster?
AnswerGreat that you cycled with others! If you order multiple of the same Koersplaat design, you will receive a Peloton Promo. 
Question My question is not included! What should I do?
AnswerDon’t panic. Send an email to, we’re happy to help out! 
Question Do I need a GPX file of my ride?
AnswerNo, that is not necessary. When ordering a custom Koersplaat Cycling Poster, you can also place a public link of – for example – your Strava activity.
Question Why should I download a GPX file?
AnswerYour GPX in combination with our design is the design of your custom Koersplaat Cycling Poster. Exporting your GPX file can be done in different ways, depending on the software you use. Below you will find instructions per GPX tracker, but again: it is also possible with a link to your Strava activity.
Question How do I download a GPX file from Strava?

  1. Log in to the Strava website on a desktop.
  2. Select the activity you want to include on the Koersplaat.
  3. On the map you can find the download button in the top right corner.

Question How do I download a GPX file from Komoot?

  1. Go to the Komoot website on your desktop and log in.
  2. Go to the tour or ride that you want to feature on your Koersplaat
  3. On the right of the screen you will find a download button.

Question I use another GPX tracker to keep track of my activities.
AnswerNo problem! You can send an email to and we will be happy to help you!
Question How do I order a Koersplaat Cycling Poster
AnswerIt’s super easy! Choose which of your rides you want to be made into a Koersplaat and personalise it as desired. As soon as you have placed your order, we will start working on the design. We always send you a preview by email. Within a few days, you will have your very own Koersplaat on your wall!
Question Do I get a discount if I order more than one of the same Koersplaat Cycling Poster?
AnswerGreat that you cycled with others! If you order multiple of the same Koersplaat design, you will receive a Peloton Promo. 
Question Can I still change my order after placing it?

Once you have paid, you cannot change your order yourself. As long as your order has not been processed, you can send an email to We will then see if we can help out in any way.

Question What payment options are available?
AnswerAs soon as you have put your Koersplaat in your shopping basket and filled in your address details, you can choose a payment method below. We accept iDeal, Bancontact, PayPal, credit cards and Sofort. Once you click on ‘place order’, the payment will be processed safely by Mollie.
Question Where can Koerplaat Cycling Posters be shipped to?
AnswerKoersplaat ships worldwide. All Koersplaat Cycling Posters are designed in Amsterdam, but we use local printers. This way we reduce transport and delivery time.
Question When can I expect my Koersplaat Cycling Poster?
AnswerAfter your order and approval on the design you can expect your Koersplaat within 3 – 6 working days to hang it on your wall at home! 
Question How do you ship my Koersplaat?
AnswerWe do everything in our power to ensure that your Koersplaat Cycling Poster arrives safely. That is why they are sent in sturdy cardboard packaging. Did something go wrong? Please send us a picture within 7 days and we will try to find a good solution with you.
Question Can I retun my Koersplaat?
AnswerAll our printed matter is custom-made. The right of withdrawal is excluded for all customised work. Therefore, unfortunately, returns or exchanging are not possible.