Belgian Photographer and cyclist Bert Goyvaerts pushed his boundaries this summer with a 300+ km solo ride this summer.

“Last summer I was in a bad place, full of doubt and disappointment in myself and others.
I lost all my cycling motivation until I heard that my former scouting ‘Akabe Toetertoe’ planned their very first camp abroad. They focus on children with special needs. Years ago I had such an amazing time with them as a scouting leader. Happier days.

It is 300 km from Antwerp to their camp, so the goal was set: a solo ride in 1 day.
Very impulsive, but I didn’t want to miss out on their first foreign adventure. Besides that, I needed this mental push.

So without any training, I’ve cycled through the scenery of Bokrijk, the city of Maastricht, climbed Amstel Gold’s Bemelerberg and Gulperberg, stood at Tripoint, climbed in German forests and crossed the Rhine. Brutal yet beautiful. An achievement I really needed.”