For cyclists, by cyclists

We are Lou and Jennis, the founders of Koersplaat Rideposter. As avid cyclists, we have traveled thousands of miles together, from exciting bike packing adventures to grueling climbs. Despite our shared experiences, we approach cycling differently. While Lou enjoys the thrill of exploring unknown terrain, Jennis prioritizes speed and wattage output.

Unforgettable rides

Regardless of the type of rider you may be, there are times when you experience a truly unforgettable ride. A ride that holds such significance that it deserves to be immortalized and displayed on a wall. This is precisely what we strive to achieve: to capture those extraordinary rides as the ultimate tribute and keepsake.

Relive your ride

Once on the wall, you relive the ride and all the stories that go with it. The adrenaline, the pain, the speed, your legs, the view, the weather conditions, the climbing percentages, the wattages, the satisfaction, and the bragging rights afterwards. Everything that makes cycling so beautiful.

Jennis Jongerius

Community & partnerships

Lou Krabshuis

Design & technology