Mathys Taekema - Sa Calobra

Mathys Taekema - Sa Calobra

In Rideposter Stories we meticulously relive that one, unforgettable ride of a rider. In his edition, Mathys Taekema’s queen stage about climbing the iconic Sa Calobra.

05:00 – Early. Very early.

The alarm goes off. The resort’s breakfast buffet is still closed. No churros today, but altimeters are on the menu. The iconic climb of Sa Calobra to be precise. I convinced my family that Mallorca is a great holiday island. That allows me to remove this col from my bucket list. Still, it will be hard work. Especially for someone who normally only cycles along the Dutch coastline. Luckily I grabbed some extra sandwiches yesterday. These are now in the back pockets of my jersey.

05:59 ️- The first meters

I clip in my pedals. It’s still dark. Even my bike computer has trouble waking up, but I keep pedalling. I don’t want to let tourists in swaying rental cars spoil my climbing fun. Moreover, it will be around 30 degrees today. The 9-kilometer climb will be tough enough. As I warm up, the sun rises. It produces an amazing picture: next to me the azure blue sea and in front of me the beautiful route to the bay of the village of Sa Calobra.

Picture of Sa Calobra

09:30 – 16 hairpin bends

From the top I descend to the harbor village of Sa Calobra. There the road ends. So you have to descend this col first before you can climb it. It starts with a dizzying 270° turn. Then I spiral down 16 hairpin bends full of adrenaline and I understand why this descent is called the snake.

10:19 – Three riders. One Cornetto.

After a spectacular descent I steer into the harbor village. It is quiet. Apparently this is also too early for the locals. Fortunately, one restaurant is just opening its doors and I see three other riders. They are, like me, impressed by the descent. Yet there is a strange atmosphere. I realize that what I have just descended, I will have to go up again later. I refuel with cola and a Cornetto and slowly prepare myself for the 665 altimeters that await me.

10:40 – Retour

Now it will begin. Climbing and enjoying. An hour ago I raced down here at 70 kilometers per hour and now I’m almost standing still. Still, I enjoy every meter. With my hands on the steering wheel, I marvel at the views, the rocks, and the ravines. One hairpin bend is even more beautiful than the other. Both the climbers I meet and the oncoming traffic who rush past are visibly having a good time. Cycling here means double pleasure.

Picture of Dutch Cycling Friend

12:11 – Gracias Sa Calobra

Back at the resort, I put my bike in the corner and dive into the pool. With the altimeters still fresh in my mind, I think that this is one of the most beautiful cols I have ever cycled. Gracias y hasta la vista Sa Calobra!

Have you also experienced a special adventure? Let us know. Maybe next time we’ll feature the ride of your life!


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