Rideposter was founded in 2019 by two cycling buddies who have ridden thousands of kilometers together. From adventurous bikepacking trips to grueling climbs, we've shared countless memories. We can talk for hours about all of these experiences, and that's exactly what we do!

Combining our passion for cycling and graphic design, we decided to immortalize these memories. That was the beginning of Rideposter. Remarkably, it all started with a seemingly simple "Rondje Hoep" (a local cycling route). A loop that we can practically ride with our eyes closed. We know every turn and pebble by heart.

That way, every ride has its own story. Our goal is to capture all these stories and remarkable journeys. They serve as both an ode and a reminder of an unforgettable ride. With a Rideposter, you can relive the ride—the adrenaline, the pain, the speed, your legs, the views, the headwind, the gradients, the speed, the wattages, the satisfaction, and the boasting afterwards.

  • Jennis Jongerius

    Equipped with his Cervélo, JOIN and his Wahoo, Jennis is getting ready for La Marmotte. If you have any questions about Rideposter or if you'd like to collaborate or go for a ride together, don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • Lou Krabshuis

    Fuelled by his thirst for exploration, Lou embarks on a bikepacktrip to Barcelona this summer. At Rideposter, he brings his creativity to the forefront as he designs the posters and ensures seamless operation of the website.